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Connecting buyers with the right metal stampers and tool shops

Sheet metal stamping tool die on the repair table. Progressive stamping system.At a high q

DieLead Service
Making connections

DieEstimator connects buyers with metal stampers and die design and build sources. 

When you are ready, we can connect you the right source to do your job saving you time searching and sending requests for quotes to the wrong sources.

Lead partners know we only forward real opportunities so you are guaranteed a swift response and competitive bids.

At your direction and with your approval, we will forward your project to a select group of partners.  You control the event and what information is sent.  


  • Description of project

  • Desired product (production and/or tooling)

  • Desired stamping process

  • Target cost estimate (optional)

  • Points of contact

  • Key project dates

If you are interested in becoming a member or source partner, contact us today at

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