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Cast Die


Quoting can be a real headache. It is expensive and can consume valuable resources that would be better applied to more profitable activities within your company. We help our clients streamline the die and production part quoting process.


Tool shop closure rates are on average extremely low. Often, they have less than a 5% success rate. This means lots of quoting to maintain sales and operations. Metal stampers are caught in the middle and can be dependent on tool shops for budgetary tool costs. This scenario delays production part quotes and can stress relationships with both customers and suppliers. 

Our goal is always to utilize your existing systems and human resources as much as possible to achieve your goals. Let us help you discover practical ways to improve response time, increase closure rates, and lower the cost of die and production part quoting. 


Contact us to discuss your specific goals and see how we can help.

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I worry that my price is too high until I get the job...then I worry if is too low

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