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Customer Success Stories

Tool Shops


It use to take us 4 hours to quote a die. With DieEstimator we have cut our time to about 30 minutes.

I quote an average of $65 MILLION per year of tooling using DieEstimator. Without it, I would not be able to quote that volume of dies.

DieEstimator showed us how we could use our existing people to estimate dies without hiring a full time estimator. Thanks,

Our customers bring us on early in the sourcing process. I have to quote the same die multiple times before it becomes reality. DieEstimator lets me update my quotes quickly and track engineering changes.

Metal Stampers


We no longer have to wait for tool shops to quote our projects before we quote production parts.  We only go out for firm quotes when we are ready to buy. With DieEstimator, we can quote tooling and production on the same day.

We build our own dies. As you might expect, tool shops are not eager to do our tool quoting for us. DieEstimator lets us price our dies and see what other shops might have quoted.

Our die estimator retired leaving us with no way to quote dies. DieEstimator allowed us to capture his experience and continue without a hitch.

OEM and Tier 1


We source dies domestically and offshore. With DieEstimator we can see what a die will cost from any source.

We used to do only a few part types for a few customers. When our market changed we had to diversify but needed help with quoting a wider range of die types.

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