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Die estimating software detailed and flexible enough for die builders

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Die Cost Estimating Software

DieEstimator simplifies die cost estimation, covering diverse die types and sizes, including progressive, transfer, and line dies on plate or cast shoes.

It follows a structured 6-step estimating process, from project information to the final estimate report. Use the measure pallet to capture crucial data from the part or process, supported by a virtual die estimating assistant for calculations and guidance.

DieEstimator offers full control over inputs and settings, guaranteeing consistent, business-aligned results that accurately reflect your costs.

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Sheet metal stamping tool die on the repair table. Progressive stamping system.At a high q
  • Estimate progressive, transfer, and line dies

  • 3D and 2D part data files

  • Extensive die engineering calculations

  • Built-in estimating assistance

  • Plate and cast die construction specifications

  • Station estimator/planner

  • Die size and tonnage estmate

  • Die to press comparison

  • BOM style standard cost estimates

  • Production part estimate

  • Lead time estimator

  • Standard Reports (Excel)

  • Estimates management

  • Multi-stie, multi-user

  • Mobile application

  • User configurable settings 

  • Training and Support

  • Faster quoting

  • Consistent die cost estimates

  • Lower cost of quoting

  • Less reliance on tool shops

  • Provide greater detail to customer

  • Budget or quote dies

  • Estimate from part or process

  • Easy to learn

  • Use from any device anywhere

  • Share settings and estimate results

  • No IT impact

  • Fast ROI 

  • Win more jobs

Cost Breakdown

Die Estimate
  • Die shoes

  • Build-ups 

  • Punch and die

  • Spring pads

  • Stock/strip control

  • Cams 

  • Sensors 

  • Tool steels 

  • Wire EDM 

  • Die face machining

  • Custom items

  • Design

  • Development (tryout)

  • Part/die approval

  • Profits

Production Part Cost Estimate
  • Material

  • Setup

  • Run

  • Profit

  • Tool amortization

Training and Support

DieEstimator is intuitive and easy to learn. Most users are productive in one day of training. We are always here to help at

  • Web-based live

  • On-site available

  • Seminars

  • Schools

  • Email, phone and web-meeting support

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