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Sheet metal stamping tool die on the repair table. Progressive stamping system.At a high q


DieEstimator is an easy-to-use yet powerful solution for creating consistent die cost estimates.  Estimates all die types and sizes including progressive, transfer, and line dies on plate or cast shoes with DieEstimator.   

DieEstimator guides you through a simple 6-step estimating process from project information to final estimate report.  Use our measure pallet to capture key values from the part or process to help build your estimate.  Our virtual die estimating assistant is there along the way to perform calculations and suggest entries.

DieEstimator gives you control of all inputs and settings that determine the final estimate.  This ensures consistent results that reflect your actual cost and meet your business goals. 

Detail of Industrial press for sheet metal stamping.jpg
RFQ > Plan > Spec > Size > Price > Report

Key Features

Estimate cost of:

  • Estimate progressive, transfer, line, gang, tandem and compound dies.

  • Part and process measuring pallet

  • Integrated die construction and press specifications

  • Built-in die estimating assistant

  • Die component standard cost table

  • Detailed estimates and reports

  • View and download detailed die cost and description reports in .pdf or .csv format

  • Use on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices

  • Multi-site, multi-user web-based solution

  • Share estimates and settings with other estimators in your network

  • Estimating activity by customer and cost variance reports

  • Die shoe(s)

  • Build-ups and master plates

  • Punch and Die

  • Strippers, form pads, and draw binders

  • Stock control

  • Cams 

  • Sensors 

  • Tool steels 

  • Wire EDM 

  • Die surface machining

  • Custom items 

  • Design

  • Tryout and development

  • Part Approval

  • Die approval (run-off)

Additional Features


  • Graphical take-off palette

  • Die estimating assistance

  • Standard cost-based estimates

  • Automatic die calculations

  • Configurable settings

  • ​User-defined custom items

  • Die construction specifications

  • Die to press verification

  • Detailed reports

  • Local and regional labor rates

  • Ready to use out of the box

  • Metric or Imperial versions available

  • User roles and permissions

  • Secure and private

  • Email and phone support

  • Free online training

  • Faster quoting

  • Consistent estimates

  • Lower cost of quoting

  • Easy to learn and use

  • Detailed die information

  • Budget or quote dies

  • Track estimate status

  • Estimate history and engineering changes

  • No design experience required

  • No setup required

  • No software or updates to load

  • Estimate from an image or process

  • Use from any device anywhere

  • Share settings and estimate results

  • Fast ROI for most companies

  • Online training and help files

  • Win more jobs​

Training and Support

DieEstimator is intuitive and easy to learn. Most users are productive in one day after watching our 10-part (2 hr) software training series. We are always here to help at

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