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Die Estimating Service

If estimating dies is not for you, we will do it for you. Just fill out a brief request for quote style form and send us your part data (.igs or .prt). We will email you a complete die cost estimate report including a nested blank drawing.


Estimates are based on current industry average values or your values if you have a DieEstimator account.  DiePlan services are ideal for companies that need help estimating or do not have enough demand to justify DieEstimator or DieTarget software.

DiePlans Include
  • Die estimate summary with suggested die price

  • Production part information

  • Operation description

  • Stations type and count

  • Die size and forces

  • Cost breakdown by category

    • Material​

    • Labor hours and cost

    • Profit

    • Price

  • Die construction specification

  • Flat blank layout image

dieplan report cover.JPG
t gussett transparent.png
Stressed Man
3 Easy Steps
  1. Complete the DiePlan Order Form

  2. Attach your part file

  3. Receive your detailed die estimate

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