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DieTarget - New Product!

Two miniute die cost estimating

DieTarget is designed for users who need consistent die cost estimates fast. Cost estimates can be created in about two minutes from your 2D or 3D part data file. Minimal die knowledge is required. Estimates are based on our extensive global die cost database. DieTarget is ideal for buyers and engineers who need benchmark tooling cost fast for tooling budgets and production part quotes.

Watch the 5 minute demo >
Car parts Produced by Accurate Sheet Metal Stamping Tool Die. Black-and-white photo..jpg

Your Virtual Tool Shop is Ready to Work for You

"I can estimate an entire die package in an hour instead of taking days or weeks." - Stamping cost estimator

Log in > Open CAD >  Describe part > Estimate > Report



  • Single form input

  • Estimate progressive, transfer, and line dies estimating

  • 3D or 2D (.pdf) part view and measure pallet

  • Automatic die sizing

  • Single or multiple parts per stroke die

  • Cast and plate die specifications

  • Tool and sheet steel tables

  • Regional or custom labor rates

  • Review, and modify estimates

  • Stamping report (see example)

  • Secure confidential site

  • Unlimited saved estimates

  • Online training videos

  • Extremely fast estimates (less than 5 minutes)

  • Consistent results

  • No waiting on tool shop quotes

  • Minimal die knowledge required

  • Ready to use (no setup required)

  • Same day productivity

  • Use from any device anywhere

  • Lower cost and time required for quoting

  • Fast ROI

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