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Company History


2008 - Tool Planners, Inc. incorporated

2009 - DiePlanner software was offered as the first ever commercially available die cost estimating solution

2014 - DieMatrix desktop version released

2015 - ToolView online tooling asset management software released

2018 - DieEstimator web-based software released

2019 - The first API is written to integrate the DieEstimator database into a popular die process planning application

2023 - DieTarget application released




Jeff Bennett, the founder and president of Tool Planners Inc., has a rich background in the tool and die industry. With a Mechanical Engineering degree earned in 1980, he began his career as a tool and process engineer in the defense and automotive sectors. Eventually, he returned to his family's tool and stamping business, transitioning from design to operations management, and ultimately taking on the role of president.

Jeff's involvement extends to industry organizations like SME, NTMA, and PMA, where he's held various leadership positions, including chairman. He's a frequent speaker at PMA seminars and FabTech trade shows, covering topics like Die Design, Business Management, and Automation.

In 2009, Jeff redirected his focus to Tool Planners Inc., where he continues to serve as president. His responsibilities encompass management, product development, training, and consulting, benefiting numerous companies seeking to enhance their die cost estimating methods.


Tool Planners is located in Tennessee, USA.  


Tool Planners, Inc.

Hendersonville, TN 37075

Mobile:  615-613-4065


Clients and References


We maintain strict confidentiality regarding our sales volume, user count, and client specifics. Our products are trusted by numerous companies to estimate thousands of dies annually. For those seeking references, we have a select group of clients who have kindly offered to serve as points of reference. To obtain a list of references, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via the provided contact information or the email address above

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