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Close-up scene of progressive die operation. The metal work processing by stamping

Die Cost Estimating Solutions

Welcome to, your go-to destination for precision die cost estimation in the metal stamping industry. Our software, training, and consulting services empower estimators worldwide to quote with confidence and speed. Join hundreds of successful clients who rely on us for faster, more accurate quoting.

Software offers versatile die-cost estimating software in three configurations to precisely match your requirements. Whether you're a seasoned die cost estimator or just starting, our solutions - DieEstimator, DieTarget, and DieEstimatorAPI - have you covered

Training extends beyond software, providing essential training, education, and consulting services to advance your die cost estimating objectives.



Our products and services are the results of years of business and technical experience in the tooling, manufacturing, and software industry. Our team understands tooling and the demands placed on today's engineers, planners, and cost estimators. 


Our mission is to help our clients be more successful by providing the best die-cost estimating software, training, and education solutions available. 

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