Die Cost Estimating Software

DieEstimator die cost estimating software is used by estimators of all experience levels worldwide to plan, purchase and price dies. Our users create detailed die cost estimates with speed and confidence from any computer anywhere. 

  • All Dies - Estimate any plate or cast progressive, transfer, or line die operation
  • All Parts - Estimate any stamped part type, size, and production material
  • Any Industry - transportation, appliance, electrical, hardware, agriculture, and more
  • Available in metric or imperial units
  • For OE, tier 1, metal stampers and tool shops
Offered in two configurations
  • DieEstimator for tool engineers and die builders that quote dies
  • DieTarget for buyers and planners that budget and purchase dies
Estimate dies by following our logical, easy to follow steps with the help of our built-in die estimator assistant
Brief Introduction to DieEstimator
Watch as DieEstimator creates a detailed die cost estimate in less than 3 minutes


"I started using the software about five years ago and it has been an invaluable tool. I have quoted an average of $65 MILLION per year of tooling using the software. Without it, I would not have been able to quote that volume of dies."

Todd B, Owner and President

Mission Tool and Machine

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